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In home and commercial window cleaning service

At the heart of all of our professional cleaning services, our in home window cleaning and commercial window cleaning really shine! They help a home or business sparkle from the outside, while letting in as much warm, natural light as possible, which helps highlight the "inside sparkle" of the interiors we clean.

  • We clean ALL glass windows, inside and out, all year around!
  • We use only the best window cleaning supplies, for clear, clean windows
  • We clean all window sills and window panes (described below)
  • Our low window cleaning prices start as low as $.50 per pane
  • We also clean exterior windows (3 story maximum), including ladder work, over sized and architectural and windows.

Clean windows help your entire home or building look cleaner! Give us a call TODAY at (608) 469-3212 for a FREE, no obligation estimate.

Why Hire Facility Concepts Plus Window Cleaners For Your Glass Cleaning Needs?

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaners

  1. Window cleaners are not all the same. As an owner operator I do almost all the window cleaning and glass cleaning myself.
  2. I use only professional grade window cleaning tools, detergents, and techniques.
  3. No gimmicks or cutting corners to make the job pay. Your windows will be thoroughly cleaned the first time ... GUARANTEED.
  4. For ANY type of glass cleaning - residential window cleaning or commercial window cleaning - we will treat your project as if it were our own home or business.
  5. We can be trusted with your property and the contents in your property.
  6. Ten years in business with many satisfied customers in Madison, Middleton, Waunakee, Lodi, Sun Prairie, Portage, Poynette, and other communities in and around Madison.
  7. When you are not working the last thing you want to do is window washing. Let us do it for you and you will be treated fairly and with the respect you deserve.
  8. I will discount your window cleaning project with a cash back refund if you refer us to your neighbors and/or business associates after your project has been completed. Ask me about the details.

Window Cleaning Prices And Terms Information

  • Window Unit: The entire window that is encompassed by the window frame, casing or molding.
  • Window Sash: The part of the window that is either fixed or moves as an entire piece of glass. Each part of the window that is framed in with four (4) corners is a sash. As an example the Typical Window featured has two (2) sashes and each sash slides up or/and down.
  • Window Pane:  A single piece of glass is a window pane. Each sash has two (2) panes, an inside pane and an outside pane. As an example the Typical Window featured below has two (2) sashes but four (4) window panes. When pricing the cleaning of your windows the pricing will reflect each pane of glass. On average this window example would be priced at $1.50 per pane, $3.00 per sash, or $6.00 for the whole window unit. Larger or above average size window panes will be priced “between” $1.75 - $2.00 per window pane.
  • Casement Windows: This is the type of window that requires cranking your window sash open with a handle as opposed to sliding the sash open. The window screens to this type of window are on the inside of the window when the sash is closed. The screen must be removed for cleaning. The window panes are typically larger than other styles. The panes are usually priced “Between” $1.75 - $2.00 on average.
  • Architectural Windows: Specially designed windows with radius glass units are usually around $5.00 per window pane.   
  • Window Blading: If the outside or inside of the window pane has been neglected there may be a buildup of water spots, bug deposits, webbing, and other debris that can only be removed by using the proper technique of “Blading”. This debris will not be able to be removed by standard cleaning methods alone and require extra work and will cost more money to clean. On average you can add $1.00 per pane to the cost because the window pane must be washed, bladed, washed again, then squeegeed, and trimmed out with a micro-fiber cloth. If you do not have your windows cleaned regularly you’re not necessarily saving money because the overall buildup of debris increases the pricing when you finally have them cleaned professionally. It is less expensive to have your windows cleaned regularly because less labor equals less money and we give nice discounts to clients who have their windows cleaned twice per year.   
  • Post Construction Window Cleaning: On average is around $3.00 per window pane. Pricing is subject to size and condition.
  • Washing Screens: Removing and replacing the screens after they have been washed and dried is “Between” $1.50 - $2.00 per screen.  
  • Grids: The architectural pieces of the window unit that can make a larger piece of glass look like smaller pieces of glass. Grids are sometimes placed between the window panes from the factory and have no extra cost to factor into the job. However, if the grids are on the outside of the glass then there will be an extra fee of 0.25 for each square on each window pane.
  • Window Tracking: The channel that the window sash slides in or rests on. On average to brush, vacuum, and wipe out this track you can add $2.00 to each window unit pricing.
  • Ladder Work: Should you window unit require any type of ladder to reach the whole unit you can add “Between” $1.00 - $2.00 per window unit.
  • Storm Window: Usually found on older homes. This is a window covering or attached to the main home window; witch is framed into the home. Although it looks and seems like one window it is actually considered two windows and will usually double the cost because the window must be dismantled to clean all eight (8) sides of the window panes. 

    Residential and Commercial Window Cleaners

  • Typical Window Unit:
    Two (2) sashes = Four (4) window panes
    One or both sashes slide either horizontally or vertically
    If the top sash does not slide it is a single hung window. If both sashes slide it is a double hung window.
  • Single or Double Hung Window with Grids
    Two (2) sashes = Four (4) window panes. PLUS: A total of (24) grid squares.
  • Casement Window
    Left sash with grids and the right sash without grids
    Window sash opens with a handle

Give us a call TODAY at (608) 469-3212 for a FREE, no obligation estimate on the cost of cleaning your windows or on a money-saving Windows Maintenance Contract that will keep your windows looking their very best all year around!

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